The Scottish Hernia Centre, Glasgow

At the Scottish Hernia Centre, Glasgow’s premier private specialist hernia centre, we have a dedicated team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff who are committed to delivering the finest care to all our patients undergoing hernia surgery. 

We Offer Complete Hernia Care

We are experienced in the latest techniques to manage inguinal, femoral, umbilical, incisional and recurrent hernias. We have expertise in treating difficult recurrent inguinal hernias using laparoscopic and open surgery and day case surgery.

Many hernias can be performed under local anaesthetic for a faster recovery with minimal time in the hopsital

State of the Art Facility

Our Centre at BMI Ross Hall hospital, Glasgow, on the Southside of Glasgow, is within easy access by car, bus or trainRoss Hall hospital is Scotland’s premier state-of-the-art private health care facility, offering a comfortable high tech environment to manage private patients with simple & complex hernias.

State of the Art Equipment and Facilities

You can rest assured that you will receive the best possible treatment for your hernia, in a private, comfortable and high tech environment.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Do you think you have a hernia?

Are you experiencing groin or lower abdominal pain?

Have you noticed a new groin or abdominal swelling?

If so you may have a hernia.

The Scottish Hernia Centre is Glasgow’s most advanced and longest established Private Hernia Centre, for the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of hernia, from the simplest inguinal hernia to the most complex recurrent incisional hernia. 

  • Most patients can undergo Day Case Surgery
  • Choice of local or general anaesthesia for most hernias
  • Competitive fixed price packages
  • Private room featuring a TV, radio, free WIFI and and en-suite bathroom.

Can we tell you…..

What we do

The Scottish Hernia Centre is based at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow, where we are are committed to providing the best possible care for patients with all types of hernias. We based in Scotland’s foremost private hospital which has been leading the way for private general surgery in Scotland for many years. Our skilled surgical and anaesthetic team possess vast experience in performing hernia repair surgery under both general and local anaesthetic, so we can offer our patients a choice on a variety of treatment options.

During your stay here at Ross Hall, we aim to make your experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. You will be well looked after by a multi-disciplinary medical team, including a nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and support staff who are at hand 24 hours a day.

Scotland’s largest

Private Hospital


of patients treated



20 Years

of experience

No better place to fix your hernia

Scottish Hernia Centre, Glasgow

Scotland’s best and longest established specialist hernia centre, located at RossHall hospital in Glasgow.

We repair all kinds of hernia, from a first time inguinal hernia to more complex, recurrent hernias.

Have your hernia repaired by an experienced hernia surgeon using open and keyhole (laparoscopic) techniques

Many hernias can be repaired under local anaesthetic

Prices and Payment

We are accredited to manage Insured patients  with all the major insurers. We also offer very attractive all-inclusive fixed price packages for those who do not have medical insurance.

Prices start at £2,046 for repair of an inguinal hernia under local anaesthetic (All inclusive package includes hospital, surgeon and followup consultation fees).

Frequently asked questions about hernias

Are you concerned that you may have a hernia? What is involved with hernia surgery? See our section on Frequently Asked Questions for answers to these and many more questions.

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Latest News

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Ilioinguinal nerve division does not reduce pain after hernia surgery

Chronic groin pain can be a troubling and on occasion disabling symptom that affects between 5-10% of patients who undergo an inguinal hernia repair. Reasons for this are unclear although a number of patient and operative factors have been identified. It was thought that entrapment of the ilio-inguinal nerve might be a factor leading surgeons to plan to divide the nerve at surgery to prevent it becoming trapped. Although planned division of the nerve may reduce severity and frequency of pain for up to 6 months after surgery, this effect is not maintained and after 12 months there is no differences in pain between those who underwent nerve division and those where the nerve was not dividied. However, not unsurprisingly, this group has a loss of sensation.
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Inguinal hernias: A brief overview

Diagnosis Patients often diagnose that they have a hernia…
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